bus accident referred to a specialty hospita

bus accident referred to a specialty hospita

3 children, driver die as school bus collides with another vehicle in Hoshiarpur district

Three children and the driver of their school bus were killed on Friday as the bus collided with a speeding pick-up vehicle on the Dasuya-Talwara road.Eleven others, including the bus attendant, were injured. Of these the five critical cases were referred to a specialty hospital.The accident took place around 8 near Singhpur village as the bus of Gems Cambridge International School, Dasuya, collided with the vehicle loaded with potatoes.According to information, the bus was on its way from Talwara to the school.Eyewitnesses said the pickup vehicle that was coming at a great speed from the opposite direction collided with the bus. The collision was so severe that the vehicle pierced into the right front portion of the bus. The driver and the three students sitting behind the driver’s seat were killed on the spot.

The deceased children were identified as twins Anirudh and Surbhi and Kanishk; and the driver as Ranjit Singh.The 11 injured were taken to Civil Hospital, Dasuya, with the help of 108 ambulance. Of them, five–Shivan Thakur, Shivangi Thakur, Akash Kumar, Palak Sharma, and Priya, the attendant in the bus, were referred to the specialty hospital.Those under treatment at the Dasuya hospital are Palak Sharma, Vardaan Sharma, Navya, Rakesh Sharma, Aradhya and Sarthan.

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