And now the blue cards autopsy By Captain Government

The taste of the former Chief government of Atta-Dal scheme to benefit 1.42 million blue card holders get state now flavor of around 30-40 per cent of card holders the current Captain Atta-Dal scheme of government will not fated for Captain Government All were created in the state during the tenure of former Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal 1.42 crore has issued instructions to the post mortem of blue cards. The discussions were made in support of the three blue cards are a large number of holders in the ruling coalition government, some ministers, legislators and Jathedars cahetiam blue card fake documents, which are not really entitled to the said plan , but close to crush these people under the influence of government ministers and other political leaders to take a mouthful away from children of the original eligible poor families on the force for 10 years Antibiotics aisaprasati.


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