This theft incident will surprise you II Steeling a activa in the Morning II

CCTV of the theft in the state You may have seen the footage, but we CCTV theft in Ferozepur We are going to show the footage, you will not be surprised to see him. Why not surprise came in the expensive car thief stole a Honda Activa than 50 thousand. Pictures can be seen in that meaning is a person of the Swift car, which itself goes into the street wrapped in the blanket and took a Honda Activa within the street in a few seconds to come out walking Honda Activa is started very quickly patch cycle. Some thieves riding in Swift car in seconds the other partner is escaped in the car.
Observe the police vehicle when they have had no complaint of theft. If the complaint is that thieves will be arrested soon. Police argued that the incident occurred this morning has stood under police questions.

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