IN CHANDIGARH SARPANCH’S murderer identified,two arrested


In the case openly killed bullets out of the village in Hoshiarpur khurada Sarpanch Satnam Sector -38 West shrine police IMF named the 3 other murderers. Occurred. R.. Has joined. Police have said Satnam’s family on the basis of a video recording of the viral incident began action on the introduction of 3 persons. Police has registered a case before the pilgrimage, Bobby, Arshdeep and another against murder. Police said Monday. Yes. Occurred. Satnam’s body was conducted to get into the family. FIG. FIG. P. Reasonable Ish Singhal, police are searching for the killers in the different areas of the state with the help of state police.

Running from 1993 to hostilities in the village
Cousin of the deceased Satnam giving information about the incident said that the family of the rivalry is not new, continues with his hostility, a family of village for the past several years. Satnam’s father was a witness in the case of gross Singh, a killing in the village in the past years. He is also the enmity with them in the village since then, was shot dead this way is intact, which had been murdered at the first sign Satnam Satnam.

Fake out the number of the car
Satnam’s accused of murder, which came in a car, his number Satnam’s brother, Prince and contacts gave to the police. Investigation revealed that the number was fake.

The conspiracy to murder, contract killing of the accused
Satnam’s brother, Prince said that the murder of his brother was part of a deliberate conspiracy. Murder accused who had their village and other places, where they were being Satnam last days, was completed Reiki. After receiving the information coming up Satnam company obeisance in Sector -38 shrine murderer was here with full preparation. Prince has said that relations with the members of a gang of killers who perpetrated several acts of murder and various places in Punjab recently. Prince said one of them, with their brothers to be the village Satnam business rival gang regularly murdered by chewing their brother.

The family told the identity of the attackers, police
Firing a rifle at 3 killer Satnam in which police found a mobile video hands of the police during the investigation are appearing on Rod dagade attack. Satnam’s family on the basis of video telling police his name, while the identity of the attackers appear. Satnam’s brother, Prince said the video, people are killed, Satnam, their names Dilpreet, Harinder Singh Ridā Harinder alias Akash. Harinder Singh Ridā Sector 11 police station is Wanted by police. P. U. Harinder Ridā police in the shooting and police have a reward of Rs 50 thousand on the accused.

In Canada are waiting for the family
Dead sarpanch Satnam Singh’s brother, Prince said that a brother Jang Bahadur lives in Canada, she is given information about the murder of Satnam. Jang Bahadur reach the village on April 12. After the family of Jung Bahadur Ram will be cremated.

What came with the intent to murder Satnam sarpanch attacker
This incident is the completion of the police investigation that the killers had Satnam was assault with intent to murder, or they just want to store the horror in his brain so badly injured, so the killer is a shot dagiam, he think he had to focus on his murder, but after a while came and openly attacked Satnam here that the murderers Satnam Health-foot shot bullets at the time, he was also find that they only come to him badly injured. The police could not imagine that it was finally determined to kill Satnam killers or just injured.


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