Capt government cut the connection of several gausala II

SAD-BJP government has waived electricity bill of all gausala of Punjab, Capt government cut the connection of several gausala with sending the bill.

In fact, the Badal government had waived 472 gausala electricity bill of around Rs 4 crore 57 lakh, but Captain Government has raised the hand. The government is to be deposited installment of 1 million three months later, but the government are being cut several connections at the deposit.

With this decision, the Captain has said Chairman of gauseva Commission is a state of conflict in the government and gaubhagatam. He said that around the state of gausalavam 2 lakh 80 thousand cows are nearly one lakh 6 thousand on the streets. Around 18,000 of them have been sent in gausala.

He said that Captain Amarinder Singh will request that he can not walk without the support of the work of our help to the care of the government. He said that the previous government had spent enough on gausalavam. In each district were given Rs one crore for gausala. In many districts it was not spent properly. It should be investigated.


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