Punjab Govt New Rules for widow & virign female govt. employees

The Punjab Government has issued guidelines regarding the general changes of government officials and employees in the state during the year 2017-18. A government spokesman said on Thursday that these changes will be made from May 1 to 31 May. The spokesman said that this change will be made as per the policy of the State Government at the same time. Those gazetted or non-gazetted employees who are about to retire in the next two years will be allowed to stay at the place of appointment as far as possible. Spouse and spouse’s case spokesman said that if both spouses are in government service, the government is willing to keep them on the same station for five years and thereafter they can be transferred under the transfer policy. The virgin girls and widows, as far as possible, will be appointed at the place of their choice. In cases where the husband and wife are in government jobs, if the husband is in a private employment, then in such cases, such a policy should be adopted.
The government will try to appoint disabled and blind persons at the place of their will. Such employees will be appointed at the nearest station in their home. In order to be appointed for a minimum period of one place at the same place, respectively, the period of 3 and 5 years will be counted respectively, Similarly, Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ officers have been in the same service for more than 7 years in any one district Will not be appointed for. The seats in which the staff of the staff will be more vulnerable to the general public, will not be allowed to stay in the same seat for more than two years.
Those officers / employees who have not completed a 3-year term in one place, can be transferred only in a complaint or on account of conviction or by some sound manager. Those officers or employees who have been appointed in the border areas, the area of ​​Bet or Kandi area, they will be appointed for at least two years. Employees and officials posted in Border Area, Bet area and Kandi area should stay there for a short time. Those employees of government employees / officers who are mentally out of their mind, try to shift their positions / changes, while showing sympathy with them and putting them at the place of their choice. This time limit will not apply to the Education Department and the employees of the Higher Education Department. The Education Department and the Department of Teacher Education for the transfer of teachers will be prepared after the approval of the Honorable Chief Minister. The school education department, higher education department, technical education, industrial training department, medical education and research departments will be shifted from June 1 to June 30 during the summer holidays keeping in view the educational year of the institutions under them.

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