I won’t meet to Harjit Singh Sajjan …said Captain Amrinder

Describing the Canadian Defense Minister as a sympathizer of the Khalistan, Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh today said that the Indian Canadian Minister of Indian origin will not be able to meet them during his visit to India in the end of this month. NTDV of eminent journalist Shekhar Gupta During the ‘Off the Kauf’ program for the news channel Capt. Amarinder Singh said that Harjit Singh is also sympathetic to the Khalistanis like his father. The Chief Minister said that in reality, Justin Trudeau’s government has five ministers supporting Khalistanese whom they would not talk to. Capt Amarinder Singh said, “These Khalistani supporters stopped my Canada visit by insisting on the Canadian government, where I wanted to join the Punjabi community and seek cooperation from them for the elections of Punjab. The Chief Minister, while speaking on the ban on beef, said that people have the right to eat anything and they should not be stopped from it. He made it clear that people should eat whatever they want to eat. The Chief Minister said that he is not in any favor with the ban of Pakistani artists in India and they would be happy to invite these artists in Punjab. At the same time he said he would like to go back to Pakistan. He said that now is the time when the people of Pakistan should get rid of the problem and make their friends as their friends. At the same time, he urged the central government to be cautious of China on another border. Recalling England’s War of the Roses, the Chief Minister said that the tension between India and Pakistan is still on the same path and there is a need to bring it on the path of peace.

Describing the humiliating efforts being made to show the downfall of Rahul Gandhi, the Chief Minister appealed to the people to give a chance to Congress vice-president. He said that there is a deep conspiracy against Rahul Gandhi which is being addressed to him with various jokes. The Chief Minister said that Rahul Gandhi is a serious leader who always likes new ideas and suggestions. He said that Rahul Gandhi had fully supported him in the recently concluded Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections and he had not faced any problem in the distribution of tickets.

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