A young man jumped on a hanging trap during a live video on Facebook


Sonepat, a case of suicide, has come to light. A young man jumped on a hanging trap during a live video on Facebook. He tried to stop the young man who tried to stop him, but he did not consider the young man and he ended his life.
The youth has written a complete story of his own death in a 60-page diary before suicidal, and in this whole story he has to force himself to commit suicide on the Delhi Police Women’s Constable and ASI to end his life. is charged. With this she has also written a note on the wall of the room.
The deceased has been identified as Dev Nagar resident Deepak (28). Deepak trapped the fan in his room and swung on it. The lamp was alone at home at the time of the incident. His parents went somewhere, while Deepak left his wife and son in his familiar home.

The son’s photo before the suicide
Prior to his suicide, Deepak has uploaded a photo with his son on the Facebook page. After uploading the photo, live the video in Facebook Seeing the lamp fluttering, his sister tried to stop him but he failed to save the lamp. In the room where the young man put his hand, he wrote a suicide note on the wall of the same room, whose police is investigating.

Wife reveals
The wife of the deceased Kiran and her sister Neelam say that Deepak had come to know about the love affair between a woman head constable and ASI posted in the Delhi Police. Police personnel were constantly threatening to kill Deepak and tortured him. Being disturbed by this, he wrote a suicide note and then hanged on Facebook hanging his life. The police has registered a complaint in this case and started investigations.

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