Another farmer has given his life due to debt. The matter is from Shankar,Near Dehlon Ludhiana

Ludhiana near the village of Dehlon, from where the farmer Gurjit Singh hanged him with a tree. The deceased was also secretary of the Ludhiana rural Congress party.

Farmer’s son Paramjit Singh said that he sold the crop of 19 acres of land to Arati. Six acres of land had been leased out of the crop which they sold for Arthi. But the aarti donates Rs.10 lakhs of crop and if the form is not given to them. On the other hand, the owner of the contract land was demanding money.


According to Paramjit Singh, two months back, he married his sister, whose debt was worth about 20 lakh rupees. The owner filed a complaint in police for not getting the land contract. According to Paramjit Singh, the police had threatened them to return the money.

According to Paramjit Singh, his father often asks you to pay money to the astradi who did not meet him. Troubled, Gurjeet Singh gave up his life with the help of a tree.

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