Vijay Mallya arrested in London, hopes of early delivery II Read full news

Vijay Mallya arrested in London, hopes of early delivery

London (Mandeep Khurmi) says that “Moses ran away from death, and later died.”

Like this saying, Indian liquor businessman Vijay Mallya has his debt liability

He came to England quietly after shivering, but today

The arrest has proved that the police who were scared of the money ran away,

Today the same police has reached Malia itself. The Metropolitan Police Own

In the statement, Indian businessman Vijay Mallya Tuesday in London

Confirmation of arrest It is reported that 61-year-old Mallya has been arrested

Indian officials arrested on frauds for fraud

And will be presented in Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

India had told the British that Maula was going to face trial

Be surrendered to India as they refrain from the debt liability of the bank

England came in the race. Any spokesperson of the UB Group of Mallya said this

No comment made regarding. All day Mallya’s arrest was discussed

The topic remained Mallya was arrested by Scotland Yard and said

It is said that a team of officials related to this matter is assigned to him

London to start work on. After this arrest, where the next implementation

No comment will be justified on the prospects of this

There it can be said that sometimes 100 days after the thief, sometimes the Sadh

It comes a day even then.

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