Hoshiarpur Sarpanch Katal Case II Gangster jassi kalma asrrested by punjab police



Jaspal Singh alias Jassi Kalam, arrested by Dilipreet gang, who was involved in openly sarpanch murder in the city, has been arrested by Rupnagar police. Gangster pen is arrested after the encounter near village Malikpur. Police had received confidential information that the dangerous gangster Kalam was near village Malikpur, after which the police seized him to seize him. Gangster punched the police to see the police’s blockade and fired on the police while trying to flee. After the competition, the police arrested him.

Dangerous Gangster Fines Punjab and Himachal police were required in various cases and they were being included in the murder case of the sarpanch in Chandigarh on April 9.


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