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Fever or painkiller painkiller CobeeBleam and ‘D-cold totals’ are very rare. The famous pneumatic Cobblymle in the investigations of the Central Medicines Standard Controller Organizations (CDSO), ‘D-cold totals’ for colds have been found to be defective. These were tested last month.
The drug failed in the test
A spokesperson of the pharmaceutical company, Sanofi India, has said that the 2015 Cobblifel was created because they failed in the test. The spokesperson said that after getting official notice, they will take action on this. The drug of ‘D cold total’ also failed during test. Her a. D. 762 was tested at the batch number.
In the investigation, Simla’s Oflox-100 DT, Theo Asthalin medication and Cadila’s Cadilose solution are also reported to be inferior. Was D. S. Was O In total, have issued alerts for 60 medicines. It also includes five of the above mentioned medicines, which failed in different trips conducted in March 2017.
The Cobblifle failed for the fourth consecutive time
The test range was tested on Kombilelem’s batch number A. 151195, which was made in October 2015. The Cobiebellem was three times earlier. D. S. Was O Has been shown to be inferior. The tests took place in February, April and June. Even then similar tests were done. Last time when Cobblif was described as inferior, then its maker, Snoopfi India, had called back all the deficiencies. Snowboard India earns 169.2 crores annually from Kunkiflem.



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