See The Ugly Face of Indian Army II Bhadur Yadav court martial

BSF In the case of malfunctioning of video on social media of bad food, Tarun Bahadur has been sacked. Youth’s wife issued a video and expressed grief over the matter. Dismissed Tarun Bahadur has alleged that the maximum corruption in the army is corruption. The brave wife has said that if it goes on then, what mother will send her son to the army. Sharmila has said that her husband’s coat has been martial. He took a step in the interest of the jawans and showed their food to the country. She said that what was so great a crime that her husband was dismissed after 20 years of service. They said that this step of the government is very wrong. In this case, the BSF had given the court of inquiry that it was found that the action of the youth had badly damaged the image of the BSF. In this case the statements of other youth posted on the border were also taken. There was no complaint about bad food. During his 20-year career, Bahadur has served his services in West Bengal, Manipur, Assam, Tripura. Saif Bahadur says that he has received 16 honors during his duty.



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