An exclusive interview with Harjit singh sajjan II II

After a long hectic Thursday, when Canada’s defence minister Harjit Sajjan retired for the night at his refurbished ancestral house here, he chose to relive the childhood days. Ignoring the air-conditioned bedroom of his recently renovated house, he opted for a ‘manji’ (woven cot) on the terrace in the company of his security officer from Canada!



Before that Sajjan shared his childhood memories with the near and dear ones, the days he had spent in the village. Sources said he also offered tea and ‘pakoras’ to the Punjab Police security guards. After savouring the food prepared by women cooks, Sajjan served dinner to them and presented gifts.

Earlier in the day, due to the unprecedented rush of people, his security staff had not allowed him to attend a felicitation ceremony in the community hall. Village sarpanch Paramjit Singh said, “Sajjan apologised for not being able to take part in the event and meet people.” But he freely mingled with the security personnel deployed at his house, the domestic aides, panchayat members and event organisers.

On Friday morning before leaving for Chandigarh, he thanked the cops for their services. Sajjan’s cousin Jasbir Singh said he wished to take a tour of the fields but couldn’t due to security reasons.

Sajjan’s father Kundan Singh thanked all the people who had come to meet his son. “Harjit was overwhelmed by the affection shown by the people. He wanted to stay here longer but due to a tight schedule, he had to leave early,” he said. He revealed that on his son’s behalf, he will donate ₹50,000 each to the two orphanages Sajjan had visited in Amritsar and Jalandhar.
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