Prepare the danger bells for Punjab II Punajb Layi Khatre di ghanti


Prepare the danger bells for Punjab
The ground water of Punjab is in the lower three layers of the earth. The first layer is between 10 to 20 feet. The water in it has already ended decades ago. The second layer is approximately 100 to 200 feet, it was also dried 10 years ago. Hoon Punjab is using the third layer, which is more than 350 feet deep, which will be depleted for the next decade. With the end of the water in this layer, the final water knocks of Punjab will also be destroyed. Thousands of millions of land will not have even thousands of land in two decades. Science says that only the top layer of the three layers can fill some with rain and river water. If water is filled, then this water will not be able to drink for several centuries. Water in the second and third layers reaches in a million years. The Tubka Tubka is very precious and nature is a gift to the Punjab.



Scientists from around the world have been issuing warnings from the Indian government for several decades that farming and industrialization in Punjab should be done with river water as ground water is essential for human life in this area. But due to continued outflow of the river waters Punjabis have been forced to use the following water. In such cases, the accused can not be acquitted by accusing the real culprits of stalking the farmers. Those who send water out of Punjab knew half a century ago where Punjab is going, but the farmers do not have to worry that the Punjab Desert will be formed, that is how fast it will be. Punjab’s 13 lakh tube wells are continuing to bring the Punjab to a peril. According to an estimate, most of the fish bores will be dry in the next 15 years and 2.5 million people of Punjab will have no choice but to leave the area without having more than 100 different minerals and sediments in the river waters. Which naturally keeps the earth fertile for better crops. In the absence of river water, Punjab had to complete this deficiency with fertilizers and medicines. Punjab has eliminated the priceless issue of fresh water on one hand, on the other hand, it has contaminated the top layer of land with medicines. Punjab will not only become a desert, it will become a poisonous desert and today’s generation will be formed.



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