MP Sher Singh Ghubaya is going to add more to big problems why ? Read full news

MP Sher Singh Ghubaya is going to add more to big problems why the bank has issued a notice for the recovery of debt to the family of Ghubaya because their family has been crores of rupees. State Bank of India has made it clear in the notice that if the loan does not get converted in 60 days, then the process of auctioning the land which has been pledged by the bank will start. State Bank of India, Suresh Bodla (Fazilka) had taken loan from State Bank of India, which has now become interest of Rs 8.77 crore including interest. The College of Engineering and Technology is being run by the Ghubaya Educational Society.

State Bank of India’s Jalalabad (Western) branch has issued a notice to the family under section 13 (2) of the Financial Protection Act 2002. The bank has also prohibited the sale or lease of the pledged property. According to sources, Ghubaya family had taken loans from this bank in December 2008. For this loan the property has been kept in the house, the village Sukhera Bodla, the property of Ghubaya and Jalalabad, in the bank.

Besides the Ghujabaya Educational Society, there are 10 members and guarantors of the society, including the chairperson of the society Krishna Rani, who is the wife of Parliament MP Ghubaya and the son of the MP, is the general secretary of the engineer Varinder Singh Society. Five people, including Sher Singh Ghubaya, are in it. The Society’s patron, himself himself, has circulated.


In response, MP Sher Singh Ghubaya said that the settlement was going on with his bank, which is in the final stages. He said that the bank issued notice despite this. He said that the government has not released around Rs. 5 crore of scholarships for three years. The scholarship amount is coming in the bank, so that the bank adjusts this amount in debt. He said that his wife is the chairperson of the Educational Society but she is not a member of society.


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