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Now you can even earn thousands of dollars at home, the Modi government is giving opportunity to new businessmen. Government people drink Was O On the lines of the public data offer (PDO), there is an opportunity to open. The government will make available Internet connection at a very cheap price. Use P. D. O Wi-Fi hot spot will be cut by cutting more than 100 connections at a time. Thousands of money can be earned in this business that starts with an investment of around Rs 50,000.
Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha p. D. O Launched this announcement and announced this. Sinha said that not only urban, but also in rural and backward areas, people will get internet facility. P. D. O 2G, 3G and 4G data packs will be available at Use P. D. O Can be done by up to 500 meters.


The retailers who have a drink D. O The mobile companies will offer the WAP data pack to the customers. This will give people an opportunity to use the internet at very low rates. Sinha said in the PDO launch program that C-dot technology has been developed. The service providers are being used in various networks.
Union Minister Sinha said that the way PCO people used to call people. Similarly, the PDO will also provide internet campaigns at very low rates to the people. So you will not need to take special data packs or SIMs and neither have to go out of your house. Buying data packs from near retailers can easily be used by high-speed internet.




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