The building of Gurdwara Sahib ‘Kartar Kirtan’ in Raj Mohalla completely destroyed by the administration.

Indore: The building of Gurdwara Sahib ‘Kartar Kirtan’ in Raj Mohalla area of ​​Indore district of Madhya Pradesh has been reportedly completely destroyed by the administration. According to information given by Gurpreet Singh, a member of the Gurdwara Management Committee, the weekly meeting was going on in Guru Ghar Saturday. Suddenly the municipal corporation, including the police, entered the house.


In violation of the law, along with the 400 police personnel admitted, the force of other people started carrying the formation of the Guru Granth Sahib decorated in the house of the Guru. The Sangat started the protest, but due to the high number of officials, the Sangat was pushed out of the house. Diwan Guru was decorated on the first floor of the house. The women were dragged down and pulled down the stairs by the police. Meanwhile, an 80-year-old elder was injured.
According to the administration, after induction of Indore city into Smart City scheme by the Modi government, the government had informed all the religious places allotment and shift there. After this the Sikh sangat had demanded that the Guru’s house be of 50 years old, the sentiments of the Sangat are associated with this place.


That’s why any other way should be taken out, but the action taken by unexpected administration suddenly is condemnable. The pictures show that a complete dispute of Gurdwara’s building has been abolished. The police has taken 3 of the 4 forms of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and taken them somewhere. No information is being given about this, while the Sangat has managed to keep one of them with the same form.
Apart from this, the Guru has taken away Rs 300,000-plus kirpans (gold and silver-plated), two silver vase and golas and about Rs 75 to 80,000 in cash and more than 3 lakh cash from Locker. 40,000 books of the library, which were built on the second floor, were also robbed by the police.

The Sangat’s protest is that there is no hearing from them and the unauthorized action is uncompromising. With them, the 1984 attack at Darbar Sahib has been repeated. According to the information obtained, a temple is also situated 10 meters from the Gurdwara building, which is completely safe.

Gurdwara Committee President Manjit Singh Bhatia is also a BJP leader and the Sangat is also told about their involvement in this incident, which is in the process of getting a ticket from BJP during the upcoming elections in 2018.





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