We Are Sikhs II most viral ads about sikhs II must watch

The National Sikh Campaign has launched a campaign called ‘WeR Sikhs’ to show the identity of Sikhs at the international level in the United States. Through this campaign, every community in the US will be educated through the media about Sikhism, Sikh History and Sikh Culture. So high level media companies like USA ‘CNN’ and ‘Fox’ have been selected. This campaign was started on 14th April during the function of the big day of the Khalsa Creation Day, ie Vaisakhi. This 30-second advertisement video was played on social media as well as on channels. This advertisement video shows the dialogue of Sikhs who contributed in every category and region. The purpose of this campaign is to show the presence of more and more of the American Sikh community in the national and local news. In this initiative, this ad will be used in national and local television and cable advertisements, digital advertisements and promotional websites, social channels and community events.
In this action done for the Sikh community, former President Barack Obama’s media team, A with National Sikh Campaign. By P. D. Is cooperating. AKPD works for the World Bank, Bill and Milindha Gates Foundation and Harvard University strategies. The National Sikh Campaign has funded this initiative from the Sikh community of 14 cities and estimated to cost 1.4 million dollars for the success of this campaign.
Here, after the terrorist attacks in America 9/11, Sikhs are seen with suspicious eyes. They are perceived as Muslim due to their appearance. Since then there have been continuous racial attacks on the people of the Sikh community, who are not taking the name of the stay.

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