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New Delhi: The fruits that make people feel healthier, they are actually being cooked with deadly chemicals. In such cases, these fruits for health are less beneficial and less harmful.
Despite the ban of the Agricultural Marketing Department, in the wholesale fruit vegetable market of Rajasthan quota, fruit growers are using fatal chemicals to cook the fruit. It is astonishing that the Mandi Administration is unaware. In this issue also raised issue in the Vidhan Sabha, Mandi administration replied that no merchandisers were being made to produce fruit through chemicals in the market.
Carbide, Chinese Use of Powder:

In the market, the use of carbide and Chinese chemical powder is being used to cook the fruits like mango, papaya, banana, cucumber etc.. Oggs are placed in paper boxes. It packs two or three Chinese chemicals powders.
Quota ACTION CMHO Dr. R.K. Lavaniya says that the banana is first used in the chemical water to cook. Later it is kept in ice cubes. To cook papaya, fruit growers are piled up in godowns and kept in small packets of carbide. The fruits of this chemical fertilization are ripe in 10-12 hours after the heat extinguishing of gas.
He said that it is wrong to cook the fruit from the chemicals. Merchants are spoiling their public health benefits. In such cases, traders should be prosecuted.

OM Malva, president of the wholesale fruit vegetable market quota says that the ban on fruit was completely banned in a chemical manner. If a trader is cooking fruits with chemistry, then people are deteriorating with the health of the people. In such cases, the traders will be dealt with by the Health Department team.


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