Photos in advertisements of Kenwood Electronics Shown religious paint II Mandeep Khurmi Himmatpura reports


London (Mandeep Khurmi), Tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh ji in dream also
It would not have been thought that those people who gave complete family time to teach them to fight against tyranny and tyrannical tyranny, those people would become victims of superstitions by associating them with them. What would be a big blow to the Gurus who preached their meeting with the miracle, that their horses, sometimes rave-proof rumors spread to their teachings, their own Sikhs would stand behind their teachings. Of course, such rumors are spreading tremendous intent to run their shops, or through Facebook or WETSp you can easily get your eau-muscle fat. Such misleading done by clever skulls

 Photo captions – The picture of the advertisement of Canvas Electronics’s picture and the picture being spreover the Watsapp

Before spreading the preaching work, we forget that we

Devious people are not able to coax them together? We only become partners in spreading such artificial paintings by flowing through devotion. A few days ago, a picture has become very viral on the Witsupa, which is being said in writing, “The Guruji and other Sikhs riding the horse looked in the sky near Gurdwara Guru ka Lahore at Sri Anandpur Sahib. “Just in the clouds of the horse riding computer, there was a flood of spreading the image. When this representative approached the representative, it was discovered after analysis that the image of the electronics was printed on an advertisement by a company called Kennett Electronics, and some clever brains cut the picture in its own way. By spreading it to a religious shade. It is to be thought of with a cold mind that if the gurus were walking on the path of showing miracles then what was the need of the whole family? If they were too lucrative for us like us, then today their next generation will grow bigger
Business Owners But we’re just talking about Facebook,
We have been limited to the candidates. If you also of this picture
If you want to find the truth then Google can write the Kennett DDX 7025 in the image
You can confirm.


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