The new bride escorted the boy unconscious and ran away with all the gifts and gold ornaments

Baurwala Road G.B. P. newly married girl who was married five days earlier in Eco Green, drunk her husband with drugs, jewelery, and other valuables became stoic. Deepak Kumar and Ranjita married on April 19 and both of them had to go to Mansimuri on Honeymoon on April 26. But before that, the rubbish was done by cleaning hands in the bride’s house. Police registered a fugitive newly-married couple by registering the case on the complaint of victim Deepak Kumar.


At night, drinking lemonade was done unconsciously
Deepak Kumar said that he lives here with his mother. On April 19, she was married to Bir Ghaggar (Chandi Temple) resident of Panchkula, resident of Ranjita (25), daughter Naresh Kumar. A reception party was held in Dera Bassi on April 20. Deepak said that on the night of Suhag, his wife told him that his family has married him against his will and he is not happy with that. Deepak gave this information to the girl’s parents, who assured everything to be correct. Deepak said that Ranjita sought two months time to make a connection with her. Last night his mother Sharmila and sister Anchal went to bed on the first floor. Prior to going to bed, Ranjeeta gave a glass of lemon water, which after drinking it fell asleep.

When the eye opened, it disappeared
When the mother and sister’s eyes were open early in the morning, Ranjeetan disappeared from her house. In the meantime, they were surprised to see empty cabinets and ornaments empty in the rooms. He was not able to lift Deepak again and again. He came to his senses as he gave medicines to his family and neighbors. Ranjita’s Phone Keychain Match. Deepak alleged that apart from a bag of clothes, 10 tola gold ornaments, a thumb, neck chain, titan clock, silver chain, mother’s jewelery were found missing from the house. In addition, cash worth one lakh rupees is missing. 30 thousand rupees were removed from the purse of the lamp. According to Deepak, Ranajita did not bring any jewelery from her spheres.

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