The two super human II believe it or not but it is true II


All I am sharing is the two people in this world who are known to be super human in the world. The first of these is from China, whose name is Shifu Shi Yan Ziu. This person throws a small needle with the technique that the needle passes through a three mm glass.

The second person pictured in the picture is from Japan, is named Issa Machi. It assigns the duty to duty, standing 70 meters away from the firearm, and making two touts with their sword.
If you want proof about these two humans, then they can read about them and their duties on Google and YouTube. They say that they have succeeded in doing so after years of hard work and Ajiji duties are related to the concentration of mind.


Now let’s talk about the duty of Bhai Bachitter Singh, who has tied the elephant’s iron plate in his head with his nagni, from head to toe, from Dashmesh Pita to Thapara. Some propagandist preachers argue that ninety-nine can not tear the iron so that Bhai Bachittar Singh had killed a nagging elephant. I understand that these two examples of present-day examples are enough to respond to those preachers in a logical manner. If both of the above mentioned above can give due to the concentration and hard work of the mind, due to an inauspicious and almost impossible action, why would not Bhai Bachittar Singh can break iron iron with the nagani, even on his head was the hands of the competent guru. So the request is that the world is far beyond the other, and thus do not become subject to any hatred on any one’s own history by confusing and misleading. Forgiveness forgiveness forgiveness

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