British government dismisses petition for condemning Article 25 (b) of Indian Constitution

Prime Minister Thaisera Meya’s government, which leaves office in response to a petition filed by British Sikhs, has refused to denounce the Article 25 (B) of the Indian Constitution, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s views on India’s development and its tolerance The values ​​of freedom are appreciated for the commitment to uphold the values. In response to the British Government’s reply on April 25, it has been said that in the important principle of Article 25 of the Constitution of India, it is compulsory to make the independence of the whole world, and all citizens, including Sikhs, antitrust and believe in their religion. The right to do is given. This petition u By Refugee and Sikh separatist Paramjit Singh Pamma, who had said that the British had been recognized by the British on the basis of their separate religious identity before the Independence Act 1947. The petition further states that 26 In January 1950, India announced its constitution, in which separate recognition of Sikhism was abolished. Article 25 (B) of the Indian Constitution shows the Hindus to Hindus and compels the Sikh community to adhere to the Hindu Marriage Act, Sessions Act, Minority and Guardianship Act, Adoption and Maintenance Act.
The petitioner Pamma said that we will not accept this reply of British Government on the issue of religious identity of Sikhs. He said that in the forthcoming elections, we will insist on the parliamentarians who contest the election and they have to make amendment in this reply of the Theresa May government and to suppress Sikh religious identity, Article 25 (B) of Indian Constitution condemned Do It is to be mentioned that earlier the Indian government had made unsuccessful attempts to extradite Pamma to RSS leader Rulda Singh and in 2010 in connection with two bomb blasts in Punjab.
Citing the government’s response to the Theresa May government on Sikh petition, the legal adviser for Sikhs for Justice Gurpatwant Singh Pannun said that the UK government has sacrificed the Sikh community to get economic benefits from India. Pannu further said that instead of taking honorable stand for the Sikh community, the British government has sold itself to the religious rights of the minorities in India. Whereas these minorities in India are being forced to convert to forced conversion under Modi rule.
At the end of the reply of the British government on April 25, the British High Commission in New Delhi continues to talk to the National Commission for Minorities and other Commissions related to it at the state level including the Sikh community.
The petition was led by Sikhs for Justice and its support was supported by the entire UK. By Sikh relief UK, Kesari movement U. by Gurdwara management committees By And with the support of Akhand Kirtani Jatha.

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