Indian children have left behind all the world’s children in pornography. Computer software maker, Macfi, has released the Heroinique report on Indian children. Compared to countries like USA and UK, the number of Indian children going to the objectionable pornographic website is increasing day by day.

Although 36 percent of parents say they are using software to monitor child activities. More than half the parents involved in the Macfi survey reported that their children go to unsolicited web sites. In case of objectionable websites, Indian children are ahead of 13 other countries.

26 percent of children in Australia, 45 percent of children in Brazil, 41 percent of children in France, 37 percent of children in the United States, and 23 percent of children in the UK category. It has been found in the survey that 84 percent of Indian parents allow their children to go to bed with an internet device. However, there was also debate on parents taking the internet device to 50 percent of Indian parents’ beds.

This is even more surprising for people who talk online. 57 percent of the respondents said that their children allow one to two hours of the day to have their children online. At the same time, 21 percent of parents said they had set limits on using the internet for less than one hour each day.

Anand Ram Murthy, Managing Director of MacAfric South Asia, said, “In all the connected world, parents play an important role in using their children’s case technology. They should understand the extent to which they are impacting the technique.

The survey included 13,000 people who use the Internet. The survey included Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, UK and USA.


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