The police filed an FIR against Principal Mehal Singh of Khalsa College II

In the matter of suicide of the student at the Khalsa College hostel last night, the police filed an FIR against Principal Mehal Singh of Khalsa College, Agriculture Department head and college registrar. Has to be registered. No arrests have been made for the time being.

Police are saying arrest after the investigation, but the students are stubbornly demanding that the principal be removed from the post and arresting him. According to the family and his friends, the deceased student Harpreet Singh was absent from the college due to the victim of chicken pox for the last long time and that was why he was absent from the college.

Tomorrow, he was convinced to the principal that he should be allowed to practice, but he was detained. After this he suicidal. Principal is responsible for this suicide. It is to be said that Harpreet was studying agriculture and this was his final year.

Meanwhile, the DCP said action has been taken against the three people on the basis of the statements of family and students under the provisions of the provocation of suicides. After the investigation, employees will be arrested.


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