This person is cheating people by becoming fake Nihang Singh


Nihangs are a very famous and prestigious armed Sikh order. As per history and traditions, Nihang armymen are considered as son of Guru Gobind Singh and Mata Sahib Devan.

Nihang Singhs are unattached to worldly materials. They wear blue clothes and tie a turban that is a foot high with a “dumala” on top of it. They always keep several weapons such as chakars or a khanda on themselves.

The Nihangs, the ‘Dare Devils’ of the Sikh Panth, are members of an order established by Guru Gobind Singh Ji more than 300 years ago. Renowned for their martial skills the Nihangs (men such as Akali Phula Singh) are the Vanguards of the Sikh nation, whose vocation in life is to be a warrior and protect the Gurdwaras and be on the forefront of battles. Though there is no concrete account of how the Nihangs came about, it is told by many Singhs that one day the three Sahibzaadey (princes of Guru Gobind Singh Ji) were performing their battle skills, and the youngest of them all Baba Fateh Singh Ji also wanted to play with his brothers. The other brothers replied: “At the moment you are too small.”

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