To celebrate the Baisakhi celebration, a large cultural festival was organized in England called “Little India” in Southall

.London (Mandeep Khurmi) The fairs of the South Asian village of Baisakhi, including the families
Delegated Family Fairs Such festivals are a source of heart and pleasure for the foreigners who live abroad in the run of business. In the Norwad Green, the observatory of the EEM managing committee, where nature never sun sets, sometimes playing the underground rain, there is a gathering of Mela families and the arrival of the Mela. Walking from noon to dark in the evening, the melodious singer Raj Sekhon, known as the stage king Paramy Johal, Daljit Atwal, Jaj Tuli, Happy Rattan, Rana Jagatpuri, along with Dholki Ricki Flora entertained the melody through their own art. Gone. The story of the studded stage and film artist Charanjit Singh Sandhu came to haunt him.

It is noteworthy that where the fair is organized by selling tickets, admission was free at the fair. Fairs related to food, food stall, children’s hats, etc. were also the center of special attraction during this family gathering. During the fair, it was also noticed by the audience that this fair was not made for the political arena. Often, political leaders of the respective areas are seen presenting their speeches, but only the songs have flowed in this fair.

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