Petrol and diesel thefts are being run on petrol pumps through chip and remote control

Petrol and diesel are being manipulated in petrol pumps in many states of the country. It has been disclosed by the accused who have been accused in such a manipulation of petrol pumps in Uttar Pradesh. Petrol and diesel thefts were being run on seven petrol pumps in Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow, through chip and remote control. The Special Task Force (STF), along with officials of the district administration and other investigating teams, on Thursday raided these petrol pumps and unearthed it. The chip machines used to steal the oil in their pumps and their remotes have been recovered. The pump owners were leveraging millions of crores in this way. In fact, customers were getting only 900 milliliters of oil a liter petrol. That is, customers were losing 100 ml of petrol while they were paying the full one liter. The accused have told the investigating team that they have chiped more than 1000 pumps, through which it can be stolen. Apart from Uttar Pradesh, the trade is also being run in many other states of the country. There is a need to be cautious in this. Let us know ways to avoid this fraud –
Always pay petrol before the reserve

Very few people know that the pressure in the empty tank is damaged due to petrol. The reason for this is that the number of empty tanks will be in the wind tanks. In this case, if you pay petrol, air will reduce the amount of petrol. So do not wait for petrol to come up to the reserve. Half of the tanks should always be filled.
Go to the digital meter pump
Always fill petrol with a digital meter pump. In fact, the possibility of less petrol being fired on old pump machines is high and you can not catch it. This is the reason that the old patrol pump machines are being removed in the country and digital meter pumps are being installed.
Do not remove from the meter
Many people pay petrol / diesel in their car then they do not get out of the car. The advantage of this is to lift the fuel. Keep an eye on the meter and see all the sales personnel activities. In addition, when checking the petrol, always check if the machine is on zero. You saw zero in the petrol pump machine but where the reading started, directly from 10, 15 or 20. Meter reading starts with at least 3 If you score above 3 points, then you will have the same damage. If the meter is running fast then understand something is wrong. Ask the speed of such a meter to be normal.

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