The case of debt forgiveness is going to be very costly to the Captain Govt.II Read Full story

The case of debt forgiveness is going to be very costly to the Captain as the total amount of major debt in Punjab’s agricultural sector is Rs 62,931 crore. Due to this, the Punjab government can now choose the path of debt relief rather than debt waiver. Dr. When a three-member group of experts led by Tea Haq was meeting on Friday, the state government and the ‘State Level Bankers Committee’ (SLBC) came to astonishing statistics of farmer’s debt, which Agriculture loan of Punjab was 77,684 Of this 14,753 crores is a term loan. It is of the opinion that the main loan is Rs 62,931 crores, of which 30.23 lac farmers took it. 54,521 crore was taken through Kisan Credit Cards.
The special thing is that it is a loan from banks, while the total extent of borrowing from the hawks has not been known yet. Official sources said that the bankers clearly indicated that the state government was not in a position to pick up the burden of debt waiver of Punjab’s debt woes. Official sources said that keeping in view this, the state government could adopt a debt relief regime instead of debt waiver on the pattern of Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh. However, the relief limit in Punjab will be higher than the capacity of Uttar Pradesh. On contact Dr. Te Haq said that the first meeting of the Group of Experts (Saturday) is tomorrow, in which everyone will have their views on the fulfillment of this goal. This will be discussed with some officials today.


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