Turban is pride that he doesn’t part with,not even when he is scuba diving or skydiving


For this city hotelier, turban is pride that he doesn’t part with — not even when he is scuba diving or skydiving! This is his way of creating awareness regarding the Sikh identity in different parts of the world.

Harjinder Singh Kukreja, 30, did scuba diving with turban on at Antalya in Turkey during his weeklong trip recently.

In January 2015 during his Australia tour, he did skydiving in turban. Kukreja says he wants to convey that turban is not a hindrance. He claims to have created the record by becoming first one to do scuba in turban.

Sharing details of his experience, Kukreja said he took the plunge sporting a 32-kg scuba helmet over his turban. Surrounded by four professional divers, he walked underwater and fed tropical fish from hands.

“The love, respect and openness showered on me by the Turkish people during my journey was overwhelming. My feat was covered by 12 Turkish TV channels and I featured on CNN Turkey too,” said Kukreja.


“Earlier, I did skydiving in turban. I want to tell the world that turban is my identity and it is no hindrance in anything that I want to do. Sikhs respect all religious headgears,” he said.

Kukreja has taken on the mantle of experiencing and furthering the pristine glory and heritage of the Sikhs.

He doesn’t miss a chance to attend an event even if it is remotely related to Sikhs no matter which part of the world it is happening. He was at the World War 1 memorial in Belgium and at the installation of the bust of the first Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh at St Tropez, France, last year


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