Fake plastic rice’ from China was served at an Asian restaurant and Indian stores in toronto canada

A video alleging ‘fake plastic rice’ from China was served at an Asian restaurant in toronto,Vancouver has received attention on social media, but the concerns have been found to be unsubstantiated by local health authorities.

The YouTube video showing a takeout dish from an East Vancouver restaurant allegedly containing plastic rice surfaced online, causing many to wonder about the validity of the claims.

But Carrie Stefanson with Vancouver Coastal Health told Global News their Environmental Health unit has looked into the claims.

“We have confirmed that the rice at this restaurant is from an approved food supplier,” Stefanson said. “There was nothing found to support the social media allegations.”

Meanwhile, Canadian Food Inspection Agency says they have not received any consumer complaints related to plastic in rice either.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency investigates all complaints regarding the contamination of food with extraneous material and relies on consumers to report any potential concerns.

‘Fake rice’ stories have been circulating in the media since last month. Nigerian authorities seized 2.5 tons of what was believed to be fake rice in December, but the country’s health authorities have not released their investigative report yet. It’s believed the rice was smuggled into the country from China.


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