Fire broke out in the cycle factory at Gill Road in Ludhiana.





Ludhiana, also known as Punjab’s Manchester, is often in the headlines. Now once again Ludhiana is in the headlines. There is a large number of factories in Ludhiana. Includes nearly all types of time-making factories.

The Ludhiana’s bicycle industry is also considered to be the world’s leading man. But now there is a sudden fire in a cycling factory in Ludhiana. According to information from sources, a fire broke out in the cycle factory at Gill Road in Ludhiana.

This bike factory is located in the Janata Nagar locality on Gill Road, Ludhiana. It is said that there is a terrible fire in the bicycle industry in the area. The atmosphere became chaos due to the fire.

According to sources, fire brigade has arrived at the spot.

The police said that a fire broke out yesterday in a yarn factory located in Basti Jodhwal area of ​​Ludhiana.


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