Saraswati College of Management and Technology organized the annual convocation at jandiala guru

Saraswati College of Management and Technology organized the annual convocation. Jandiala Guru 30 April (Ram Saranjit Singh Gopal Singh): The annual convocation of the principal institute of Saraswati College of Management and Technology, Jandiala, was organized in Guru Amritsar. Chief guest MLA and BSE Commission vice chairman, Chair of events leading hoekanavokesana Rajkumar College Aina Virat Devgan and mainajiga Director Mrs. kamaladevagana. On this occasion, various courses were awarded to the students by Dr. Rajkumar Verka .They congratulated the students and said that we should always keep trying to make our life more progressive and I try to get that degree Placement of students and met with mileisade vadhanada every student the opportunity to make them free drugs to Punjab The students were asked to cooperate with the students and motivated the students to end corruption. After this, the annual report on the achievements of the college Professor Jagjit Singh V. College said that the aim of the college is to give the students education through their medium of education. The college is performing this duties for the past 16 years .The students studying in the college today are in high positions The Chief Guest, who was present at the end of the program, thanked the Chief Guest on behalf of the Chairman of the College .Vinit Sareen, Advocate JS Virk, Chairman, Mr. Rajkumar Bhargava Chairman OBC Cell, Punjab Congress, Harpreet Singh Rajput Kanada, NK’s full social worker, Chandra Deogan, District Secretary Indian National Congress, Dr. Harvinder Sandhu, Advocate Dhanjit Singh, Raja Jung, Ashwani Sharma, Narinder Sharma


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