Well known actress and automobile enthusiast, Gul Panag has become the first Indian woman to drive a Formula E racing car




Bollywood actress Gulpanag has done the work that no Indian woman had ever done. Hindi cine actress Gul Panag has now become the Formula One racer driver. Famous from the Dor film, this actress now appears to be running a formula e racing car in Barcelona, Spain. Gul Panag runs the M4 electro in Circuit de Calafate, Catalonia Spain. M4 E Electro Mahindra fourth generation of Formula E race car and this season before driving Challenge Liakres track 4 Gul trained on simulators that help them Mahindra Racing Formula E Team driver Felix Rosenkivst the Ki.am 4 Electro after running Gul Panag said, “I understand the joy that I have the world I went to join those in the world who motorsport Does it have a chance to work Mila.am 4 Electro is a great car. I was surprised to see the output to get the engine, because EV technology was not new to me. I’m getting a lot of time e 2 running o plus. ”


You can also tell that Gulpnag is the owner of Mahindra’s E2O which has 210 AH lithium ion motor which is full of power of 25 HP and 40 HP with two power output.

Well known actress and automobile enthusiast, Gul Panag has become the first Indian woman to drive a Formula E racing car. She drove the M4Electro at the Circuit de Calafat in Catalonia,Spain. The M4Electro is a Mahindra fourth generation Formula E race car and a Season 4 challenger. Before driving a race car on track she trained on a simulator with Mahindra Racing Formula E Team driver, Felix Rosenqvist at Mahindra Racing’s Development Centre in Barcelona.

After driving a M4 Electro, Gul Panag said “I feel privileged to know that I am amongst very few people in the world, including the motorsports world, to drive this car on what is only its second outing. The M4Electro is supercharged and feels like the e2oPlus on steroids! The powertrain and the speed of delivery did not take me by surprise because I am already familiar with EV technology, having driven the e2oPlus for a while now. With the M4 Electro, Mahindra has also proved that it is well ahead of the curve when it comes to transportation and is thus, well positioned to shape the future of mobility. In fact, I felt like I was driving the future!”

Available in P4, P6 and P8 variants, this car costs 7.40 lakh to 11.21 lakhs exshorem Delhi.


Mahindra racing Joining
Gul Panag has a Mahindra Racing JOIN to go about formula e racing. After that he has car in Barcelona. Mahindra Racing has said on social media that Gul Panag is the first Indian woman to drive Formula E car.


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