Petrol and diesel New rules are being implemented in the country from May 1


New Delhi: New rules are being implemented in the country from May 1. New rules of the country’s real estate sector, Punjab National Bank’s new loan rates, diesel and petrol prices will be affected. Let’s know where the change is happening …

  • P. Anne B. Bank’s loan will be cheaper

Punjab National Bank’s loan will be cheaper from May 1. Bank has its M. Was L. R. Has announced a cut of 0.15 percent. With this step, the bank’s new loans will be reduced by one May. New m Was L. R. From 8.05% to 8.65%. The new rate for five-year debt would be 8.65 percent, which was 8.75 percent in April. The loan will be available at 8.35 percent for one year, which was earlier available at 8.45 percent.

  • Price of petrol and diesel will vary from day to day:

If you are going to Chandigarh on May 1, you may also need to pay petrol or diesel. Let us tell you that the prices of diesel and petrol in five cities in May will be fixed every day. These five cities are Chandigarh, Puducherry, Vishakhapatnam, Udaipur and Jamshedpur. As a test, diesel and petrol prices will be set daily according to the international market. Later it will be implemented in the whole country. Reduced oil prices in the international market will benefit the customer immediately. Petrol-Diesel will also be expensive on the price of crude oil in the international market. At present, crude oil dropped to 49.94 on April 27. The benefit of this can be found on May 1.

  • New real estate act will apply-

The real estate regulation act will be implemented in the country from May 1. Under this, Real Estate Regulatory Authority in the states will have to work from May. After 90 days, real estate builders and property dealers must register themselves in the authority. This act will give a lot of boost to the buyers and they will be able to go to the Regulatory Authority against the arbitrariness of the builders. By not following the authority order, builders and property dealers may have to go to jail.



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