The girl just refused to take her away with her boyfriend because she was shocked


In the wedding, the girl just refused to take her away with her boyfriend because she was shocked. Actually, Sunita, daughter of Kamal Singh of Dinanagar’s Guru Nanak Nagar, had a relationship with Jaspreet Singh of Khanpur village of Mukerian a month ago. Private servant Sunita said that she had a marriage on Sunday. The program was organized in the local Gurdwara Shere Punjab Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In the meantime, when the boy reached the party wearing the barat, the groom refused to leave the car. After this, the ceremony of punching the groom was completed in the car. Then, when the boy was called for Anand’s work, he was walking on the stairs. On asking, the boys cleaned up saying that his leg was injured, so he is walking like this. Later, the girl appeared to be examining the groom’s medical examination and was tested.


After testing, drug abuse came to light and there was no injury to his leg. The girl’s character was surprised when the truth of the drug came out, and the girl said, “In the time of the relationship, it was told that the boy does not do anything at this time but he will go abroad. Today it is learned that the boy does the driver and the drug addicts. I can not marry such a boy. ‘ After that, the bride had to return without the bride. There it is. I came. Baldev Raj Sharma said that the groom’s medical was done in Tuli Clinic Lab in Gurdaspur but the police consider the test conducted in civil hospital as reliable. The police is not fully accepting this test from the private lab.

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