The saga of Sikh martyr Bhai Taru Singh,Legend of Sikh martyr Bhai Taru Singh comes alive via animation

Legend of Sikh martyr Bhai Taru Singh comes alive via animation With high sentimental values, beliefs and aspirations attached to it, the saga of Sikh martyr Bhai Taru Singh, who chose to die but not lose his faith, will come to life with a three dimensional (3-D) projection of his life and martyrdom, to cater to the Sikh audience’s spirituality.

The poster and teaser of soon-to-be-released animation film, Bhai Taru Singh, were launched at Chandigarh Press Club on Friday with its producers and creative team throwing light on various aspects of their project.


With an aim to present the rich Sikh history through animation, writer-director Sukhwinder Singh took charge of sculpting the tale of Bhai Taru Singh’s dedication towards Sikhism and mankind into a 100-minute movie.

With kindling background score and lead character almost brought to life, the teaser provides a peek into the character of Bhai Taru Singh, holding a ‘saranda’ (musical instrument), and reflecting a fearless stance. The powerful Sir jaave ta jaave, mera Sikhi Sidak na jaave (My head can part my body, but my Sikh faith cannot part my soul) score in the teaser, gives one a sense of both, the strength and calmness of Bhai Taru Singh, with which he faced the Mughals.

Bhai Taru Singh is viewed as a symbol of steadfast faith, who attained martyrdom while defending his ‘kesh’ (hair) and religion.

“We want people to know the greatness of Sikh religion and sacrifices made by our unsung heroes. This film will not only impact the younger generation profoundly, but also bring forward many unknown facts of Sikh history,” said the film director while unveiling the poster of Bhai Taru Singh. The teaser of the film is available .

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