The matter has been solved in the village Khadiyal with the cooperation of villagers and religious organizations within 15 hours

The matter has been settled in the village Khadiyal of the district with the cooperation of villagers and religious organizations within 15 hours. During investigation, it was found that during the cleaning of the house, a group of gang members had been burnt by fire on a fire. During the assembly in the village, this family’s family was imparted three days’ religious service at the Guru’s house and a decision has been taken to provide an Akhand Paath by the villagers.

District police chief Mandeep Singh Sidhu said that on Sunday, around seven in the morning, the police had received information about getting some organs of gutka in Khadial village under Chaganli police station. He said that cooperation from villagers and religious organizations was taken for the resolution of the matter. He said that the investigation of this case revealed that a group of group members, unknowingly, had been burnt to death by a lady of the village, Veerpal Kaur unaware of the fire. He had no intention of doing so. The villagers and the religious organizations concluded that this unfortunate event was due to the inadmissibility. In a gathering made by religious organizations and villagers, the woman and her family have engaged religious services at the Guru’s house for three days and the villagers have decided to perform Akhand Path.

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