That day was not far when Punjab, Bihar-UP Like sick patient, criminals will become a highly backward state

When Bhaiya settled in Punjab, his wages fell victim to the rural and urban people. It is a special feature of Punjabi-Man that he tries to accept the habits and bidders of the other two very soon. Bhuiyan UP-Bihar’s Bhojpuri-Hindi effect was acknowledged by local Punjabis faster. As a result, locals started speaking in his own language with brother, though he was the character of most joke. The habit of working with these people has given a lot of heart of the Punjabis. Work diligently and work out completely without being emotional. Whether it is to work or to take medicines in the evening, it is the nature of people to climb the entire wage at the time of labor. They celebrate their festivals, especially ‘Holi’ etc., openly celebrating them. On this occasion, they sing their folk songs. It has been found that the brothers who send down a large part of their earnings send it back to the family. These people, who are living in a very poor condition, are also going back to their families. This habit filled the love of Punjabis in their hearts. The people began to understand brother-in-law, and began to share their personal secrets with him. Many brothers continue to be involved with family for many years. Consequently, who can deny an important role of ‘Bhaiya-Mazdoor’ in the beginning of the Green Revolution of Punjab?

It is said that evil also travels with goodness. Various kinds of evils also reached Punjab in the face of hard and hard working nature of these people.

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