Good news for immigrants who are permanently residing in Canada II Read full news

There is good news for immigrants who are permanently residing in Canada. The Citizenship Act, the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act (SCCA) introduced by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has been amended and the government will not have the right to take away any person’s citizenship under it. Therefore, a judicial hearing will be held first and only then a decision will be taken.

Justice Joseline Gyneei said in its decision that the removal of citizenship can be an important decision, under which no person can apply again for 10 years. The Federal Court has described it as a breach of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Justice Gyneegy has issued a national sovereignty. Was Was A. (Sections 10 (1), (3) and (4)) of the Act have been rejected. After this, the Citizenship and Immigration Minister will now have no power under which they may lose their Canadian citizenship on the basis of suspicion.


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