You might think 100 times before sending your daughter out.

Everyone wants to go abroad to overcome the sting of life. But what happens to the daughters of Punjab who push the agents,  One such shameful event happened with a girl from Phagwara. You might think 100 times before sending your daughter out.

The victim said that she had been appointed as a dental assistant in Dubai, through an agent of Punjab’s Jalandhar, in December last year. So he gave 2.5 lakh rupees to the agent for this.

The victim alleged that when she arrived in Dubai, she realized that this agent was found to be in a collusion with her to a Sheikh in Dubai. Meanwhile, as well as physical abuse, he was given a mental anguish and threatened to die.

He said that Sheikh used to work for him for 20-20 hours and when he came to sleep he could have a hot press. His mobile phone was taken away. One day, he told his family through a TV show, all his story by taking a mobile out of the house. Then the measurement brought the matter to Ramoowalia’s attention. The girl said that she has done a diploma in dental assistant and an agent in Jalandhar had asked her to get a job in a dental assistant in Dubai and received two and a half lakh rupees.

Amjhot Kaur Ramoowalia, the former Chairperson of the District Planning Committee, Mohali, conductor of NGO ‘Helping Help’ in bringing the victim back from Dubai and playing a special role.

Bibi Amanjot Kaur told that the family members of the girl contacted her online. After interfering with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Government of India, she succeeded in bringing the girl to India on April 28 last month.


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