A 15-year-old minor girl living in the Sarangpur police station was about to have a 6-month-old child in her pregnancy

A 15-year-old minor girl living in the Sarangpur police station was about to have a 6-month-old child in her pregnancy, who was spending time freely unaware of it, seeing the condition of the child, one in the neighborhood When the woman suspected, she checked the girl, in which she was found to have been 6 months pregnant. The neighbors took the girl to the police station, where police called the child helpline number 181 and counseled the girl and got information about the person whose child had become pregnant due to her life. The girl said that a young man named Raju came to live in his neighborhood, who raped him and went there a few months later. On the basis of the statement of the girl, on the complaint of her father, the police has registered a case of rape and poshko act against the accused.

Victim’s counseling through the 181 Helpline
According to the sources, keeping in view the situation of minors, the 181 helpline had requested the child welfare committee to shift the victim from the colony, as the 181 helpline was called by the police for the counseling of the victim, after which the victim Counseling was done However, when the 181 helpline in-charge Vikramjit Singh was asked about this, he stopped talking by saying nothing more about the proceedings.

If the mother was alive, then the time would have started to live

The victim is one of the five siblings whose mother has died. This is the reason that the baby in his stomach can not be found. If this was a mother, perhaps this question could not have happened today. If doctors believe there can be no abortion in this condition. So now the child will have to be brought to the world for which the victim will be kept in the shelter home under the supervision of the administration. After the child is born, the court will determine who will be responsible for parenting.
Commission has sent a report
When contacted by Chairperson of Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child Rights Harjinder Kaur, he said that this is a serious matter. The status report was sought for this case. After that every possible steps will be taken.



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