an old note of 500 papers could make you a millionaire.

New Delhi: The Modi government had closed the notes of 500 rupees and 1,000 rupees by making a note-blanket, where an old note of 500 papers could make you a millionaire. If you want to earn even more money at home, then you should have an old 500 rupee note but they are not particularly surprised. Let us know how the old 500 rupee note can make you millionaires.

In fact, the 500’s old notes are being sold online. The value of those notes online is upwards of Rs. Online shopping website eb This is happening. The price of these notes is due to their own special identities. If you have an old 500 rupee note then you can earn a lot of money by selling it online.
According to the website, a note of Rs 500 is worth Rs one crore, which is worth 9 crore, number 9 WA 190786, Lucky Number 786, Date of Birth 19-07-86 and Eng No. 190. The 500 note with 777777 has been valued at 999999. Due to this special number, the price of this 500 note is so much that the value of the 786 note is 786786. So 2 lucky customers will be given a chance.

The price of this 500 note is Rs. 1,00,786. The number of this note is 8 GB 5537861. If you have such a note, then you should also sell it for the cost of lakhs of rupees. You can get on. In such a case, if you have a 500 or other note, whose serial number is certain, you can get it to sell online. If your note contains Lucky Number 786.


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