In the villages of Moga, the Barat did not come for the last two years, It will be left to wonder why

Moga: Three villages related to Moga district are such that in the last two years there have been no rains and there has been disqualification from these villages. In fact, the people of the notorious drug trafficking of Daulawala, Mahala and Noorpur people have been boycotted by other villages. People in these villages refuse to marry their daughter and daughter. Now the people of these villages are compelled to marry their children in the village.


It is being said that the zodiacal people of these villages are drug addicts as well as drug addicts, this is the reason that no family wants to have a relationship with their children in these villages. Also, some people living in these villages are not ready to leave the drug smuggling business at any cost. If you talk about village Daulawala, this village is 2380 and 75 percent of the people of this village are engaged in drug trade. There are about 400 people registered in the village, of which there are 120 women, out of which 60 are in jail.
Similarly, 60 percent of the 3128 population of the village women is involved in drug trafficking, of which around 300 cases have been registered. Of the 1864 population of Nurpur hakims of the village, 38 percent of the families are in drug trade and 250 cases have been registered against them.
The owner of the luxury homes stayed in the jail
People of these three villages have constructed luxurious houses on the basis of drug trafficking, but most people are not living in these luxurious houses and most people in the village are in jail. According to the people of Daulawala’s village, they had to compulsorily marry their children in the village. Although some have abandoned drug smuggling and adopted agriculture, the number of such people is unbearable. According to the villagers, drug smuggling is no longer the only job they can give if they leave the drug smuggling.
On the other hand, the police has adopted a new formula against the drug trafficking families of these villages. D. S. P. Sarabjit Singh says that in these villages, the police have been planned to raid daily. The number of family members and business record is going on in the house.

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