Office District Public Relations Officer, Amritsar II Traffic police pulls up motorcycle rallies – Shrivastava

                Office District Public Relations Officer, Amritsar

                                                     Traffic police pulls up motorcycle rallies – Shrivastava

Amritsar, May 9, 2017 (Ramsharnjit singh  – “United National People’s Road Safety Weekly Commissioner of Police” S A road show was organized with the assistance of Sohan Singh Chehtara under the activities initiated under the directions of Srivastava.
Motor cycle rally Gurcharan Singh, ADCP-Traffic flagged off and left for the road safety rules in the hand, banners, checks were held, general public was following the traffic rules. The motor cycle rally started from India Kate, from the different parts of the city, back in the block chakk.
In association with Sher Khalsa Youth Club Sharifpur, traffic education cell was organized by the General Public in Sharifpur, in which general public, auto drivers are aware of the traffic rules and Accident ACP. S. Mahinder Traffic, S. I came. Paramjit Singh and Gurpreet Singh Pyaras addressed
On this occasion, the Traffic Education Cell’s SI Paramjit Singh H. Was Salvant Singh, H. Was Kanwaljeet Singh, President of Sangharsh Committee, Kanwaljeet Singh, Sukhjinder Singh, Balwinder Singh and Salwant Singh Rana were present in the meeting. The club members, general public and auto drivers took vow to follow the traffic rules.

Caption – Police firing youth motor cycle rally to comply with traffic rules.





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