65-year-old elder forcely raped 11-year-old minor girl in Phillaur

Phillaur – The 65-year-old elder forced her to abduct her 11-year-old minor girl for the 7th class and bring her home on the pretext of giving suits to her forcibly. While protecting the victim, the victim was seriously injured. Police has arrested the accused after registering the case. In the statement given to the police, the uncle of the victim said that Surjit Singh (65), son Pritam Singh, who lives near the Mohalla Akalpur Road near his brother’s house in his neighborhood at around 5:30 in the evening, would be working as a carpenter near his house. Suddenly threatens, Surjeet’s wife died a few years ago. He came to know that he got married to his son, so that his 11-year-old niece had fallen on him as soon as he came with a glass of water for him. On seeing his niece Surjeet Singh started to say that he wants to give his daughter just for the pleasure of his son’s wedding.

On repeated emphasis, he took an excuse to get his niece suit and took it out of the market, he did not know that Surjeet Singh who lives in his house lives on his niece She said that the suit is lying in the house with her and she will give it to her, as soon as the girl arrives at her house, she gives her drink to drink cold drinks, then she drinks the girl because of some intoxicant drug. He got bitter when he drank it Immediately refused, which he tried hard to give first, when the girl refused to say repeatedly, Surjeet Singh hit the girl on the bed and the child tried to save her from the innocent child One did not run in front of him, and he raped the girl. The victim was seriously injured while protecting her. The full skin was dropped from one of his arm. The people of the Mohalla got together after listening to the shouting of the girl, but no one tried to open the door. After the breeding of the beast, as soon as she left the girl, the victim fled the house after fleeing the house and people of Mohalla brought her home somehow. On the complaint of the girl’s uncle, the police registered a case against Surjeet Singh for raping a minor girl and arrested her. He was admitted to a local hospital for medical and treatment of the victim.


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