Attack on Bhai Panthpreet singh khalsa in Germany II Watch video



Rome (Italy)- The visit of Praetorian Panthapreet to Italian and Damdami Taksal protests by supporters of the Singhs There was no excuse for the Sikh population of Italy, but in the Italian society, creating confusion about the Sikhs and being warm The support of the groups has left no stone unturned in the violence, the violence of the Sikhs, standing outside the gurdwaras, in the hands of batons, sticks, kirpans, stones. The organizers of Bhai Panthpreet Singh’s Dewan organized in Italy to make their conspiracy a complete solution, and on the other hand, the hot radical factions forwarded the young generation to Italy in accordance with the law of the prohibited actions in Rome Gurdwara. had been carried to express the bases. Rome Gurdwara Prevention of Panthaprath was less appealing, and the ex-president had aroused the excuse of dispute over the purchase of the Gurdwara’s purchase of a Gurdwara in the name of his wife and wife, because it was in the gurdwara issue constructed with the support of associations where, coming away from years Gurdwara former president by his personal property dasi . Under the leadership, the idea of ​​setting up a Panthpreet Diwan was not accepted without the consent of the Chief Sewer on the Gurdwara. Which depends Sikhs became an international issue. It is difficult to say whether these fronts have any advantage or not, but it became clear that these Sikh days have been organized by the Sikh community in the last 25 years. Examples of this are the government’s permissions by the Gurdwara Sadh Sangat Sahib located in Urmael, a town in Vanuatu district Tervizo, on May 14, rejected by the administration and the police by doing so because the hot ideas and followers of Panthpreet Urmal Wednesday is the escaped murderer Takao. Which had to significantly work to the local police to stop. According to the administration of Urmale, on May 14 there is another celebration of social celebration in the city, due to which the administration can not hold two programs for the sake of security, especially during the time when it is difficult to stop the collision of two factions. strenuous. In view of security, the administration, who had been compelled to compromise, had to take tough action against the Sikh community, who till now was known as peace-loving, giving peace message. There was a time when the Sikh community gave the Italian administration an aid to the rescue of thousands of euros due to natural disaster and was given as an ambulance donation by the Gurdwara in Italy, but the events in the past have flooded all these activities. appears. Apart from the tragic to learn the world of Italy is very shameful incident. Held traders on their own hegemony and shrines, are taking to learn to fall. The new generation and the Italian community have seen billions of euros spent going through the city’s renovation and promotional events for two decades. Nagar karne or during other religious ceremonies, shouting for the sanctity of the maryada, that the common Sikh can not even imagine. In Italy, there are huge religious groups responsible for the separation of religious shrines from the Sikh faith in Italy, in which during the city festivals, the common sympathetic sentiments did not give importance to the conditions of the ceremony and kept their views in mind without understanding the Sangat as the Guru. Earlier, their performance increased the gap between Italy’s Sikh community and now the medical community in Italy has not given up on its ability to fight. There is also a social woe on such double-edged presidents on Guru Ghars who donate sangat in the gurus, by exploiting them for the sake of propaganda by preaching to Sikh preachers, regards the religion and service of Sikhism. Condemning the stoic downside of political politics, Eminent social worker and Sikh thinker of Italy, Mr. Harbinder Singh Dhaliwal and Parminder Singh Kariha said that now need Connect with, learn to come forward with fierce society, should be removed all laphaphiam such. The wise Gurū Roop sangat should help the needy with the tenth gathering of their own; medicines, food, clothes can be distributed among the poor. The work that GURU SAHIB had given the message of Gurdwara Golak, instead of kneeling in the golak, the Sangat directly from his garbage. With this, it could end the shameful dispute and emerge as the real supporters of the Sikhs

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