Grace public schools Jandiala result was 100 percent

                     Grace public schools Jandiala result was 100 percent
A pass to Jandiala Guru (Ram Sharanjit): damjeaisaradhava and principal ramjeet core result Gerais Public Senior Secondary School, Jandiala Guru Class 12 under 100 percent Randhawa rihajo heights this school Other flag set ditasaisa haralina core group, 90 percent in the first position, Sandeep Kaur, 85 percent the second and Amanpreet core achieved the third kitakamarasa group v Garisa has enlightened the name of Grace Public School, with 85 percent of the first avisa 84.3 percent in the second and musakanaprita core 83 percent in the third place with the bright name of their parents. After this, Dr. JS Randhawa summoned the girls who got the desired marks and got them out of school and congratulated their parents.

Caption: Children drawing memorable pictures with Dr. JS Randhawa and Principal Ramanjeet Kaur Randhawa.

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