Today is the birthday of Jathedar bhai jagtar singh hawara II let’s celebrate to share the post

A man who I feel doesn’t get enough recognition for what he has done for our panth. The sher of the panth Jagtar Singh Hawara.

This was the man who masterminded an escape from jail at Burail as well as the killing of the Indian puppet Beanta.

During the civil war which broke out between us and the Indian government, his family had fallen due to the cowardly acts of the police, taking the lives of those close to Hawara which triggered the lion to roar from within. Hawara had took upon himself to join the Sikh freedom movement and rapidly gained praise from all over, becoming associated with the highly regarded freedom activist group Babbar Khalsa International. Babbar Khalsa International was one of many freedom fighting organisations which all had one aim, to establish Khalistan (The land of purity) and for Sikhs as well as those who lived in Punjab to have our basic human rights.

After seeing how promising Hawara was in his efforts for the movement, he was promoted to head of operations within Babbar Khalsa International where he would lead the Kharkus of our great nation to even the score with the Indian government for those who were involved in 84 and those who tried to wipe out the Sikh nation.

Later on he and two others were arrested and put into Burail jail. After careful planning and consideration he and Paramjit Singh Bheora and one other dug a 100ft tunnel underground to escape from prison and carry on the movement. During the 90’s Beanta had ordered the Indian police to wipe out Sikhs and would reward them with promotions etc for killing as many Sikhs as possible. Hawara and a few others got together and said something must be done. Hawara had decided that Beanta needed to be taken out in order to save many lives of the Sikh nation and decided that a sacrifice would have to be made. He even offered to do it himself but was told he cannot by an elder who said that he would be needed in the future which meant that it came down to two lions of the panth. Bhai Dilavar Singh Babbar and Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana (both ex police officers). It was decided by the fate of Waheguru that he would bless Dilavar Singh with this job and so It happened. Dilavar Singh had successfully assassinated Beanta and the killings of Sikhs across Punjab dropped drastically.

Now Hawara rests in prison with court case after court case and often the verdict being found guilty, obviously because he was a freedom fighting Sikh he would stand no chance of fair trial and justice. He has also been issued on death row along with Rajoana and Bhullar Ji. We must not forget these lions of the Panth who are living in our lifetime. We must honour those brave lions and try to seek justice for those who fought for the truth. Bhai Hawara we salute you for your work for the Panth.

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